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Thomas E. Pusterla, D.P.M., C. Ped. has been in practice in Chester, NJ for more than twenty years, helping patients from every age group and every level of physical activity. He is qualified to treat any ailment of the foot and ankle and has always promoted foot surgery as a last effort, taking pride in offering comfort and relief in many cases where surgery can be avoided.

Extensively trained in the area of biomechanics (the study of the function and mechanics of the foot and leg), Dr. Pusterla is an expert in the measurement and fitting of orthotics, inserts and shoe modifications.

Dr. Pusterla has also done extensive work with diabetics and their special needs when it comes to their feet. A participant in Medicare's Diabetic Shoe Bill, Dr. Pusterla offers a full assortment of approved shoe gear with expert advice, fitting and follow-up.
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